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I feel privileged in my photography to work alongside some wonderfully creative companies, who are not only supportive of my work, but make great strides to make photographers lives easier. This is achieved by innovative and forward thinking design that has photography at its heart, and thankfully I am in a position to be able to share my experiences within the photography community as an ambassador for these brands. Moving forward, these relationships that I am developing with these companies put me in an ideal position to be able to discuss new products as they come to market, keeping the community informed of equipment that may be an ideal fit for your own personal camera kit.


I have been supported / working with Vanguard for some time now in a multi-faceted way, from using gear to blogging and making stand appearances at The Photography Show. They are a company that has been steadily gaining a worldwide reputation for product innovation and reliability in the field since it's inception in 1986. Their product range caters for not only photographers, but outdoor enthusiasts generally, helping make sure those special moments are captured. Speaking from personal experience, I have always found their camera kit to be innovative, extremely well made and hard wearing.....just a pleasure to use. 

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My working relationship with Kase UK started in the early part of 2019, when I was honored to be invited to work alongside the company as a 'Kase UK Partner'. Kase is fast becoming the go to company for very high quality camera filters, a reputation that is well founded from personal experience. The Kase 'Wolverine Series' of lens filters are gaining a fearsome reputation for an exceptional neutral optical quality, tough and and scratch resistant lenses, a perfect fit for rugged landscape photography trips.

BPA 2018 Ambassador Badge.png

Thankfully I was able to be involved with 'The British Photography Awards' as an Ambassador quite early in it's inception, with it now fast becoming one of the premier events on the UK photography calendar. There is a lot more to this event than just an awards ceremony though, as it is about giving a voice to photographers across the board, and not just at a professional level, this coupled with building working relationships and donating proceeds to charities, and helping raise awareness of environmental issues that affect us all. It is all these reasons that I consider myself privileged to be a part of this.

For more details on working with me, please see the contacts page

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