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Hello there. My name is Scott Read, a Photographer, Life Adventurer and Creative Soul.

When not travelling, I can usually be found in my South Wales base, capturing the vast surrounding landscapes, sprawling city-scapes and the vast array of people who inhabit these spaces in our world. Fuelled with a strong work ethic and a thirst to learn, I continue to strive and improve my craft by drawing on the knowledge gained by over 25 years in the print, media & design industry, adopting a broad creative perspective as I 'absorb' life with it's intricacies and applying it to my photography and creative pursuits.

"Photography is such an important part of my head is about discovery, life's living flow, seeing how a heart feels in a fleeting moment, it is to be on a street, in a landscape....about a time, experiencing, understanding, learning, freedom of being, of living, of thinking...."

Spending so much time outside, consideration for the environment is a given, so helping to raise awareness for certain causes that directly impact the natural landscapes around us is a passion of mine, particularly the oceans that are suffering under the strain of our pollution. It is for these reason that I am a proud Ambassador for 'Big Blue Ocean Cleanup' and a member of  'Nature First', which is a growing alliance for responsible photography, communicating best practices for protecting the environment we photograph in.

"Tempestuous skies, colour-rich landscapes and imaginative take on our most iconic landmarks" - Living North Magazine

"The striking images capture both the bands playing and the audience reaction, they will help highlight the talent on the regional music scene, which can be overlooked " - The Journal


Exhibitions & Events

Putting on exhibitions and attending events is vital to me as a photographer and an artist, not only does it offer crucial hands on experience of planning and putting on exhibitions or events, but allows a good opportunity to engage with my audience.


Aside from putting on my own exhibitions and events, I also take the opportunity to support companies that I represent by attending trade shows and being on stand to offer help and advice to show attendee's.

  • 'Northern Invasion' - Art Centre Washington (May / June 2019, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'The Photography Show' - NEC Birmingham, Representing Vanguard on show stand. (March 2019)

  • 'Thoughtful Planet 2'  -  Thought Foundation, Birtley (June - Sept 2018)

  • 'These Streets of Ours'  -  Art Centre Washington  (January 2018, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'Conny' Festival of Arts -  Consett, County Durham (Summer 2017, Solo Exhibition)

  • '284 Miles to Home'  -  Art Centre Washington (January 2017, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'Swindon Magnetizer' - Swindon Street Art Festival (September 2015)

  • 'This Land' - Harris & Hoole Gallery Space (March 2015, Solo Exhibition)

  • 'Western Eyes'  -  Swindon Artist Forum (October 2014, Solo Exhibition)

Articles / Features

I have been very fortunate to have had my work featured in a number of magazines and newspapers, as well as online, furthermore I am grateful to have had features about me, my work and creative thought processes across those different mediums. It is always humbling to think that people are interested in what i am doing as an photographer and artist. As a way of giving back some of the words, when opportunity arises I publish my own blog, but have also written articles for publications within the industry, and for Vanguard Photo UK for their website.


This written work is not just personally rewarding for me, but it allows opportunity to give some guidance to readers, to be able to pass on a little of the knowledge and experience gained over the years in the industry.

  • Living North Magazine

  • Sunderland Vibe Magazine

  • Wiltshire Life Magazine

  • Uncharted Magazine

  • Sunderland Echo

  • NE Volume Magazine

  • The Journal Newspaper

  • Vanguard Photo UK - Blog



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