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'People of the pay dirt'
- the fall of mining & birth of the ghost town  -

I have long been interested in the history of mining and the legacy & impact it still has on our daily lives even in the modern era... Though mostly lost to the annals of time or documented in books with a general overview of mining history, but the very real remnants are still there if you look hard enough in the right places.

On recent travels to the USA I was lucky enough to have some time to go in search of these long forgotten pioneering settlements, or 'Ghost Towns' as they are more commonly referred to, and although adverse weather made it impossible to visit some of these extremely remote mountainside locations, it fuelled enough personal emotion to want to return and document these historical locations before they disappear and are reclaimed by nature!

This story that I am hoping to capture through my photographic work is more than the rotting wooden buildings that are rapidly getting lost to time, it's about the memories of the people that resided in those towns, many still remaining in overgrown graveyards, but it's also about the future that some of these locations have with pioneering people looking to restore their working history.....heritage is going full circle.

Please keep checking back to see some of the images as the project starts to develop.


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