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"We're Good to Go"

There is no doubting that we are going through unique times at the moment, and it is for these reasons that I wanted the people who take workshops with myself to feel safe and secure. I am pleased to share that I am now certified by Visit Britain as 'Good to Go' with my Photography Workshops. What this means for you is that I have met their assessment in being able to provide a safe working environment for you around COVID-19.

Obviously things will be conducted in a slightly different way to what you would normally expect when taking a workshop with me, but it will in no way impact the content of learning or the enjoyment of photographing outdoors. The adjustments to the general itinery (as outlined below) will be discussed in full when booking a workshop.

All changes are made to protect the health of me, you and anyone we may come into contact with.

Looking forward to being out there with you again.

Good To Go England.jpg

Why Choose me / What I offer

I offer 1-2-1 workshops tailored for anyone of any level. Whether you're picking up a camera for the first time, and wanting help with the basics, or more advanced photographers looking to kick-start their enthusiasm with new locations and inspirations. I want to help you create images that would make you proud to frame them and show them off. As an Ambassador for Vanguard Photo UK & Kase Filters UK, you will also have the opportunity to see how certain accessories may compliment your kit setup. As an extra, I can also be booked to help with learning post processing techniques.



Together we will take in some fantastic areas of natural beauty and work through the main areas of photography...


  • Subject Matters.

  • Composition Technique.

  • Using light and how it affects your photography.

  • How to time the perfect shot.

  • Getting to grips with your camera settings and taking steps away from 'automatic' which can be daunting at first, but by keeping it simple and relaxed I can guide through these settings and how they work.

  • Exposure Control - ISO, Exposure, Shutter Speeds, Aperture etc.

  • Benefits of shooting in 'Raw'



As a KASE UK Champion I'm happy to show you how filters can help / be implemented into your photography and how to get the most from them, furthermore discuss camera equipment that would help you in your current set-up. 1-2-1 Workshops are about YOU and YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. Each one is tailored to YOU and what you want to learn. I aim to make you more comfortable with your camera, guiding you through the technical jargon and teaching you alternative ways to approach / look at a subject, to take great shots and reduce time behind a computer in post processing .




  • Meet up at an agreed upon location (weather dependent)

  • Spend time over a quick cuppa to discuss the days events.

  • Head off to our first of 2-3 locations in the area (I will advise you beforehand of clothing and footwear that would be required for locations)

  • A delicious home prepared packed lunch and afternoon snacks will be provided.



Each workshop will typically last 6-8 hours, and includes transport between locations and the aforementioned lunch, so all you have to worry about is bringing yourself to the meeting point with your camera gear. Everything is flexible and tailored, so if you want to specifically want to shoot a Sunrise or Sunset, it can be arranged, even if you want to just book for a couple of hours to focus on one thing in a short lesson, that's entirely possible.

I want you to leave the day / lesson feeling accomplished and more at ease with your camera, with some brilliant shots to take home, and a hunger to carry on learning and honing your skills as a proficient photographer.


* Please note that insurance is not included in the cost of the workshop *

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