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Perfect Lenses for your Eyes?

If you are a follower of my photographic work or a previous reader of my blog you will know that I have been working closely with up & coming Yorkshire based sunglasses company 'Ridr Optics', to not only spread the word about what they are doing to help protect our eyes (pretty vital as a photographer), but to expand my photographic knowledge in a more lifestyle / fashion direction and finally (and most importantly) massage my sunglasses fetish!! Really, I love sunglasses!

But in all seriousness, thought it was about time to put together a little review as I am in the enviable position to be wearing them in some of the many guises available.

The Ridr 'Switch' at first glance come across as a pretty classic style of sunglasses, unobtrusive with a perfectly formed shape and size that will suit most peoples taste, furthermore they are backed up by polarized lenses that are fully UVW400+ rated, which provides protection from UVA & UVB rays....and as we become more aware of the dangers of sun exposure, it is reassuring that Ridr Optics have taken this into account. The main body and arms are constructed from a high durability poly-carbonate, this provides excellent flexibility and make the glasses lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods, and believe me I have well and truly put this to the test.....and would go as far as to say that they are as comfortable if not more so than brands that sell at a much higher price point.

All of this so far is pretty rudimentary information....but Ridr Optics have an ace up their sleeve! The 'Switch's' USP is in the name, these sunglasses have unrivaled customization options allowing you to fully create your 'Own Style' of eye-wear. Throughout the companies branding and website you are coaxed and prompted to delve into creativity, with the Switch purchase page encouraging you to be adventurous with options to select lens colour, frame colour and finally the arm put this in context, with the available options there is a possible 200 combination option, more than enough to create a pair that are distinctively you.

For a company that are very much in the early stages of their journey they are pushing hard to be unique and inviting in a crowded marketplace, putting many established brands to shame in this space, this could only work if you have a great product to back it up, and in the Switch they do! As an aside to the Switch, but in the same 'Adventure Lifestyle' market, Ridr Optics also produce Ski Goggles with similar customization....they really want us protected.

Obviously as an ambassador for Ridr Optics I work closely with them, but readers of my blog will know that I will always give honest, unbiased opinions on products that I cover, this is not only for my own integrity, but would not want my readers to spend hard earned money on items that I would not purchase or use myself, that said I can do nothing but highly recommend Ridr Switch sunglasses on every really looking forward to future products and seeing where this journey goes.

As a little thank you for reading, I am pleased to be able to offer a 20% discount for readers on Switch purchases, using voucher code 'ScottRead20', just visit Ridr Optics here:

Be safe out there!


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